It will not come as a surprise that this blog site is about sports. My main goal is to fill up this web site with anything and everything associated with sports. I won’t simply be looking at sports subjects because there will be some articles about the impact of sports in our society in general. Generally, you will find articles about sports in general, personal opinions and even rumors.

There are even some instances where some sporting rivalries spill to religious and political encounters. I’m not here to judge whether it is a good or bad thing, but it could mean that the world of sports can affect any part of society.

It has been plenty of years when I first began writing articles on the internet. At that time, this is the only method for me to reach to a bigger crowd and share my feelings and love for sports in general.

This website started from extremely humble beginnings. In the beginning, I was working full-time in a specific company and I am just writing on my sports blog when I have free time. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to see my little web site become something which I am proud of.

For those who wish to start their own blog site, I would provide you some words of wisdom.

You should not give up with your blogging. It is true that making your web site an authority will not be easy and it could take years to do this, but do not lose hope. During the first few years, you can’t expect plenty of individuals to visit your site as well. You simply need to have a clear goal in mind and I am sure that it could help you keep going when things are tough.

Never expect too much from your blog, particularly if you’re a beginner. If your motivation in creating a website is earning a lot of money right away, you’ll surely be dissatisfied. When I began blogging, I do not even have an idea that I am going to make money from this because I only want to share my knowledge about sports.

The best reward that I can get from all the effort and time that I put into my blog is your remarks and recommendations. I will try to motivate or plead with you to inform me of your reaction about the content that I discussed. It will not matter if the remark or recommendations is in fact negative or positive since this blog is designed for a good conversation.

You shouldn’t be afraid to state what you would like in the remarks sections, particularly if you think that something is wrong or you agree or don’t agree with the articles. You could tell me which sports you would like me to write about and I am open to suggestions that you make so long as it’s related to sports.

I’m open to any guest posts that you want to make since this is how I got going myself. For those who have any particular views or ideas that you need to contribute this web site, please allow me to have them.

I can make certain that all of the articles that you will submit will be read by me and I’ll even provide my constructive criticism. If the article is quite good, it will surely be released with full credits back to you as the author.

Welcome to my web site and I hope that you will find your time well spent in here when you read my articles.